This is the Top Drive version of the Vibe 2.

The Vibe has performed exceptionally well since it was introduced about 2 years ago. It has won numerous contests in regional, national, and international contests, including many podium finishes in the World Cup tour and World Championships.

Through customer and pilot feedback, we have made several improvements to the Vibe:
-The fuselage cross section has not been altered, but the nose has been increased in length for lighter AUW and easier installation for electronic gear.
-The boom has been shortened to lower the AUW and for slightly increased agility (to offset the slightly longer nose).
-Vertical stab has been re-designed with a thinner airfoil (4.8%) and slightly more chord for lower drag and better launch yaw dampening.
-Horizontal stab has been redesigned moving away from the Freak V2 airfoil to something easier to setup.
-Control surfaces on both tails have been reduced slightly to help in stiffness on launch.
-Horizontal tail has been moved to the top of the fuselage for more positive control in all stages of normal DLG flight and quicker pull-up during preset rotation.
-Nosecone has been removed to lighten the AUW and increase nose durability.
-Throwing blade has been updated to an offset T-blade.

We are expecting the AUW to be in the 225-250g range depending on layup, equipment, and assembly.


Vibe 2 TD

  • The images of the chosen model are only represented by colour scheme and not construction type, i.e. you might choose a strong orange model but the image shows a standard orange model. The order confirmation and invoice will reflect the correct selection you made.

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