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Let us build your model for you.....


Buying any model is just the start, the quality of the workmanship, radio installation and set up on the transmitter is a major contributory factor which affects the performance, so if you want the absolute best from your model and do not have the time, patience or adequate skill set to build and finish it, then Superfly offer two professional build services.

The below services are based upon you either supplying or purchasing all necessary items required to complete the build.

Please note that some models will be taken from stock to build on request, depending on schedule and availability this may take 3-28 days to complete the build.

RR - Receiver Ready

This service is exactly as described, we will completely build your model, needing you only to install the receiver, either purchased through our web shop or you installing your own.

The build service includes installing all servos, supplying and installing all wiring looms and connectors, completing all building and fixing of components supplied in the model kit.

Ready To Rock

This service is for customers buying a complete package including Frsky transmitter and receiver, you will receive your model completely built, balanced and programmed with all the recommended manufacture settings, just charge and fly!

This is the perfect option for those either with limited time or those without the correct tools or skill set.



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