Let us build your model for you.....




Buying any model is just the start, the quality of the workmanship, radio installation and set up on the transmitter massively affect the performance, so if you want the absolute best from your model and do not have the time, patience or adequate skill set to build and finish it, then Superfly offer two professional build services.

The below services are based upon you either supplying or purchasing all necessary items required to complete the build.

RR - Receiver Ready

This service will finish and build your model completely, needing you to only add your own receiver.

Cost of this service is £150.00

RTR - Ready To Rock

This service includes all above plus the installation of a FrSky Receiver and full programming of the FrSky Transmitter, this will include; installing the latest firmware, installation of a specialist F3K program and complete set of all programs.  Enabling you to just charge and fly.

Cost of this service is £175.00