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About Us

At Superfly we aim to offer the customer a one stop shop, exceptional customer service and quality products.

I have been actively involved in aeromodeling for the last 35 years, from a very early age being inspired by my father.  I have seen and experienced many changes over these years and our sport has significantly developed in both electronic technology and the advancement of composite materials.

I have been a member of the F3B and F3J UK World Championship teams and have been competitively flying F3K/DLG for the last 5 years in which time I have made many friends and connections.

With so much choice and some of it limited in availability, sometimes it is hard to find one supplier where you can buy quality products at good prices and get everything you need to complete the build to get your model airborne.

Specialising in DLG and F3K, Superfly are proud to offer a great range of products, this would not be possible if it wasn't for the great partnerships and relationships we have been able to secure with our suppliers.

We would like to thank them for their continued support.

Superfly are proud to be partners with.....

Stream Team Models




GCM Models

R&G Composites

PRF Composites

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