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Superfly are extremely proud to introduce the all-new 1.5m Electric F5K model that is ‘Sabre’……

This project has been 12 months in the making from initial concept, testing, refining, producing pre-production models and then to completion and now manufacture of the model which is now available for sale. 


We have been biting our tongue for what seems like an eternity, until now, to finally announce this new revolutionary model designed specifically for F5K.  The partnership between Superfly and our new partner K A Composite Models which has designed and built from a new factory exclusively for Superfly.


It has been extremely challenging work and we are immensely proud of both the quality and performance of the final model which are truly outstanding!!

We wanted to produce a model that not only performs well but is also a real head turner with pride of ownership.  As such we have a very complex design, and the intense aerodynamics of the wing took many hundreds of hours alone.  The vision was to have a wing that not only performed well in light lift but also penetrated well in the wind, extremely low drag and thermal efficiency achieved. 

The fuselage also had to be slender to lend itself to the aerodynamic efficiency but also to make installation of servos and drive train easy, the result we are extremely pleased with. 

With the new release of the thin yet powerful KST X06 which was released during our design phase we could now achieve a thin enough wing with direct drive servo operation for the flaperon and thus now having only two servos in the fuselage for elevator and rudder operation meant we could achieve a thinner fuselage.


With the trend and simplicity of two-piece wings which eases both the storage and transportability together with the increasing costs of shipping large 1.5m boxes around the World; it was paramount that the Sabre had to have a two-piece wing as standard.  This is achieved using a single wing joiner and each wing panel using two wing bolts to secure to the fuselage, simple and very effective.

Sabre is produced only using the best quality materials, the construction is full CW30 carbon with Rohacell solid core wings and tails.


The model comes with the aileron wires and 3 pin plug already pre-installed in each wing.  The fuselage also comes with both corresponding 3 pin plugs and connecting wires with JR servo plugs all pre-installed.  This was another differentiator to set this model apart from the competition in terms of quality and reduction is building time.


The fuselage has been designed to fit a 25mm Carbon Spinner. 


Select the 'Power Bundle' option for  CN Models 25mm Carbon Spinner, CN Models 7x4 Folding Carbon Prop, EMAX 1606 3300KV Motor and programmed T-Motor 20A ESC.


The model is available in a few different package options depending on budget and time/experience.


A kit of just airframe only as described above or with a bundle deal with servos and power bundle or if time or experience in building is an issue the model is also available as Receiver Ready (RR), this is a version that is delivered to you with only the installation of the receiver and battery (with XT30 Connector) to do, everything else is completely supplied and installed.


 Think of it as a very high end ARTF!


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