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Peel ply has been well-known to aircraft construction for many years. The screen fabric produced using washed polyamide 6.6 (nylon) is applied as a final layer to the epoxy or polyester resin laminate. Following the increase in hardness or respectively before bonding the parts, the peel ply is peeled off („torn off”). This results in an overall rough, bondable upper surface free from lubricating film. Suitable for epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester resins.

Technical data:
Material: 100 % Nylon 6.6 (Polyamide), scoured, heat set finished, plain weave
Setting (Thr./cm): 19 x 19
Thickness: min. 0.17 mm
Melting point: 250 °C
Softening point: 235 °C
Tensile strength (CSN EN ISO 13934-1): Warp: min. 1040, weft: min. 930 N

95g Peel Ply

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