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With the huge success of the TORO 1m DLG we have now developed this further taking on board customer feedback regarding ‘like to have’ and enhancing the performance of the model to take it further and close the gap between 1m and 1.5m performance.


The new taurus features a thinner and improved wing section which will give higher launches, longer float and a wider speed range.  The model will be standard with proper 2-piece wing with centre join with removeable wing joiner.  The vertical tail will also be removeable, this has a square fixing so it cannot rotate once pushed on to the fuselage.  This new version will certainly pack down to a very small package.


The model will be available to buy with special priced servo bundles and available as RR Receiver Ready.  There will also be a deluxe and super deluxe version which comes with hard case with custom foam cut-outs for all the component parts, perfect for travelling.  In addition the super deluxe comes with small game controller style Tx which will fit into a custom cut-out in the foam inside the hard case, this will also be a RTR Ready To Rock package supplied with Rx in the model and it all programmed and set up ready.


More information will be available soon.



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