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Only flown a handful of times, repaired damage to wingtip on underside and fin has had hanger rash repair, all sound.  Complete with full set of wing and tail bags.


KST X08 v3 servos in the wing and MKS D6100 on elevator (this model is rudderless)


The one piece fuselage is molded from spread carbon with a carbon carbon hatch. The tail has a small pylon on which the tailplane is mounted. The wings and tail are molded over solid foam cores, making the models much tougher and ding proof than hollow molded models of similar light weight. The aileron servos are usually mounted in the wing, with just the rudder and elevators servos mounted in the fuselage.

The aerodynamics have been optimised over three years, going through several iterations of airfoil and planform, with the final version a great improvement over the Akcent-2. The Stark DLG model is ideal for customers looking for maximum flying performance and model toughness, for the money. The finish of the parts is less good than some competing DLGs but this does not affect the performance in any way.


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