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Rookie from Aviation - this free flight model has incredible performance in a tiny package, everything is included in the kit with the exception of *3 AA batteries for the hand held charger and glue.

We sell glue as an additional extra if required.


Aviation stands for fun with aviation, which is why we make model airplane kits for beginners, advanced, pro's and experts, designed with a lot of creativity and experience.

Produced with the best materials and construction, our kits guarantee great performance and lots of fun.

Our drive train sets with a capacitor, electric motor, propeller, PCB and charger are available separately, ideal for projects where your own creativity can be given free rein!

Our kits and products are suitable for beginners, advanced, pro's and experts, when you click on the product information you can see to which category the kit in question belongs. The beginner kits are also suitable for children, however, supervision of an adult must always be present when building.


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