The Jumper T16 Pro Radio Transmitter with new Hall sensor gimbals and internal module inside the radio.

The Jumper T16 Pro with hall gimbals is a high performance Radio Transmitter (TX) with a bright colour 4.3" display. The T16 Pro with hall gimbals is compatible with TBS Crossfire modules and runs on a version of OPENTX. Supplied with the Jumper T16 Plus is the JP4IN1 module. The new hall gimbals allow for stick angle adjustment and deliver an ultra-smooth dual bearing precision gimbal feeling found on more expensive radio controllers. There are 6 buttons for professional flight control systems allowing for quick function asignment of regularly used functions.
Another really good feature on the T16 radio is the gimbal adjustment, this is easily done by removing the rubber hand grips which literally lock into place and can fold down to reveal the adjustment screws, other radios you normally have to remove the back of the radio to do this.
This is why Jumper are setting the way for our fpv community.

Jumpers mission was to create the most affordable, high-performance open source remote control on the market today and they have already succeeded in doing this. The T16 truly is the radio to rule them all. With angle adjustable ultra-smooth dual bearing precision gimbals, large 4.3” display, more than ample input controls, integrated 6 position buttons for professional flight control systems, JR module bay supporting TBS Crossfire modules and many more features the T16 is a remarkable offering at this price point.
Another notable point with the T16 is that it supports the popular D8 mode this is now not available on Frsky radios with the new ACCESS protocol so this radio may be worth considering if you require D8 mode.

This is the latest version with the Inbuilt multi protocol module and the Hall Gimbals. You can tell this by the silver writing on the radio, the older versions have red .


  • STM32F429BIT6 MCU
  • Industrial grade 4.3 inch 480*272 outdoor readable color screen
  • Compatible with JumperTX and OpenTX firmware
  • Wheel menu button
  • Gimbal Type: HALL SENSOR
  • Internal Jumper 4in1 Multiprotocol module with TBS Crossfire Support
  • Angle adjustable ultra-smooth dual bearing gimbals
  • Removable battery
  • Supports Telemetry
  • Memory 16M (can be expanded by TF card)
  • Voice function
  • Vibration reminder function
  • Standard JR module slot
  • 6-Flight Mode Buttons (for APM and Pixhawk flight controllers)
  • Two-color LED status display

T16 Pro Specs

  • Size: 180*190*58
  • Weight: 888g
  • Voltage: DC7-8.4V
  • Current: 350mah (NO CRSF)
  • Channel: 16ch
  • Internal Jumper JP4-in-1 Built in Module

The Internal Jumper JP4IN1 Module features the CC2500, NRF24L01, A7105 and CYRF6936 RF Chip modules all integrated on one board. This module can convert standard PPM signals form module equipped radios in to the RF protocols used by most radios in the market today (See RF Chip data below). This module is plug and play with module equipped radios in the FrSKY series and requires no complex wiring or “hacking” to get running. The module is a great way to improve the enjoyment of your flying experience, using a better radio such as the FrSKY Taranis series rather than the low grade radios commonly included with most kits offers an night and day difference in performance. The Jumper JP4IN1 module is also upgradable via USB input

JP4-IN-1 Specs

  • Working voltage: 6-9v
  • Working current: <=100ma
  • Operating frequency: 2.4G ISM band
  • RF power: +22DBM
  • Main control chip: STM32F103CBT6 (128K ROM, 20K RAM)
  • Module bay compatibility: FRSky, Jr and other dimensions: 64*49*33 (without antenna)
  • Net Weight: 42g (including antenna)
  • Software Compatibility: Suitable for radios using OpenTX or er9x/ersky9x
  • Firmware updatable: Yes, via USB.
  • RF Chip Data
  • Cypress Semiconductor CYRF6936: DSM/DSMX, Walkera Devo
  • Texas Instruments CC2500: FrSky, Futaba SFHSS
  • Amiccom A7105: FlySky, FlySky AFHDS2A, Hubsan
  • Nordic Semiconductor NRF24L01: HiSky, Syma, ASSAN and most other Chinese models

Jumper T16 Pro Hall

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