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B50 10XL with planetrary gear 6,7:1
Big on power for models with wing span of 4 to 5 metres and weights of 6 to 14kg
Powerange  max. 1700W (15 sec.) 
Idle Current @ 8,4V  1,85A 
Resistance (Ri)  0,0118 Ohm 
RPM/Volt (kv)  1578 U/min-1 
Weight  395g 
Diameter  35,8 mm 
Length  94,8 mm 
Poles  2-Pole Insiderunner 
recom. Speedcontroler  48A to 90A Brushless 
recom. Timing  0° - 5° 
Gear Ratio  6,7:1 
Shaft Diameter  6 mm 

Hacker B50 10XL with planetrary gear 6,7:1

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