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Powertrain Inclusive of....

T-Motor 1507 2700kv Motor

T-Motor 20A Programable ESC with BEC

CN Models 25mm Carbon Spinner

CN Models Folding Carbon Prop Blades 7x4 OR 6x4 (please say which in the notes section or 7x4 will be sent by default)




On checkout in the notes section please say if you want 7x4 or 6x4 prop size.


Fury: the purpose-designed F5K electric glider. 

While others are using converted DLG wings, the Fury is designed from the ground up based on the current F5K rules. Due to the wing loading requirements, we believe F5K models will require larger wing areas coupled with higher lift airfoils. With that in mind, the Fury’s aero is based on the BAMF with Synergy 2 airfoils but scaled up in wing area and with the airfoils redistributed. As a result, the Fury will still be able to fly ‘light’ even when flown at higher wing loadings.  

Ease of Building & Reliability
ArmSoar’s products in the past two years have all focused on simplicity in assembly to make it not only easy to build but be rock solid and reliable. The Fury uses four servos installed in the belly of the fuselage, screwed down in a servo tray. Ample room in the nose allows for more gear selection based on your preference. QuikLink pushrods keep flaperons nice and tight, while the tails actuate with pull-spring like DLGs.  

For ease of transportation, the wing is removable and splits down the center. Both the fin and stabilizer are also removable, helping the Fury minimize the storage and transport footprint. The Fury is made in Ukraine along with our BAMF and Deviant models. Needless to say, the quality is top-notch with a precise fit and shiny finish. All parts are produced in CNC milled aluminum moulds, and all flying surfaces have a solid Rohacell core for an incredible strength-to-weight ratio. The fuselage is carbon but has a fibreglass nose for compatibility with your radio receiver.   

Images shown are a representation of the model only and may differ slightly due to the handmade nature of the model.

Solid Rohacell molded wing and tails
Light: CW30 skin
Standard: CW40 skin
Strong: Co-axial CW60 skin
Tails: Carboweave skin
1-piece fuselage
2-piece wing (center split)

Flight Characteristics:
Friendly handling characteristics and easy to fly
All-round model that can work light air while penetrating in wind

Wingspan: 1490 mm
Wing area: 21.66 dm^2
Wing airfoil: modified Synergy 2
Light AUW: ~265 grams
Standard AUW: ~275 grams
Strong AUW: ~285 grams
Min F5K wing loading (12dm^2): 289 grams  

Fury + Servo Bundle + Free Powertrain