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Perfect to be used with ny of the fabrics and mixing agents available for sale here at Superfly.


Resin:  RS-L285

Hardener:  RS-H285 - RS H287


Ultimate Tg (degrees C):  100-105

Viscosity (mPa s @ 25 degrees C):  300-500

Pot Life:  40 - 260 minutes

Thin Film Gel Time @ 25 degrees C:  2-6 hours

Cure Cycle:  24 hours @ 25 degrees C

Post Cure:  15 hours @ 80 degrees C

Storage Life:  12 months @ 20-25 degrees C


Processing Method

Wet layup, filament winding, pressure moulding, injection moulding, vacuum infusion moulding, pultrusion, vacuum bag moulding.



Gliders, Motorgliders, boats, automotive, sports equipment and other high performance products, low temperature moulds and tools.


Epoxy Resin Hardener

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