The successor to the popular GO Mini 1-meter DLG. 


2 Servo Bundle Offers Available.


PRO-Servo:  x2 KSTX08 (Ailerons) x2 Bluebird BMS101 DMG (Elev/Rud)

Have you always wanted a model that you can just get in the air and start flying whenever you get the urge? You need a Deviant in your life :)

The Deviant is a successor to the GO Mini in many ways. It takes all that we have learned from the GO Mini and takes it a step further. Built on the proof that a large low-AR wing helps boost both the performance and handling of a 1 meter model, the Deviant continues with the low-AR design with optimizations to launch and penetration. Even in higher winds where other 1 meter models will struggle, the Deviant will stay on step, and when needed, it will take ballast like nothing else.

The construction has also been upgraded to the level of our BAMF models. Built in HAAS machined aluminum molds, their fit and and finish is second to none. And with the experience of our builders in Ukraine, you can expect the quality to be the best on the market.

While the models have retained a full-carbon structure, the foam core has been swapped from the GO Mini's XPS core to Rohacell for better stiffness, ease of build and repairs, and resistance to hanger rash.

The nosecone design makes it very easy to handle the model on the field, and when you damage the nosecone, you can swap it out for a new nosecone helping keep the model looking fresh.


  • Solid Rohacell core molded wing
  • CW20 / CW30 / CW40 Carboweave wing skin
  • CW20 tail skin
  • 1-piece fuselage
  • 1-piece wing
  • Easy to build four in pod setup
  • Wing: Solid Rohacell core, Carboweave STF, carbon spar and reinforcements
  • Fuselage: Carbon, fiberglass
  • Tail group: Solid Rohacell core, Carboweave STF, carbon spar
Flight Characteristics:
  • High launch
  • Large speed range
  • Great climb rate
  • Sensitive to light thermals
  • High L/D and penetration
  • Friendly handling
  • 'Feels' like a bigger 1.5m model
  • Wing airfoil: Based on Synergy 2
  • Wing area: 13.28dm2
  • Wingspan: 995mm
  • AUW: 130-150 grams
Recommended Gear:
  • Receiver: FrSky G-RX6 / D4R-ii, Spektrum 410 / 610
  • Flaperons (performance): KST X08 v5
  • Flaperons (budget): EMAX ES9051 / Bluebird BMS-101DMG
  • Tails: EMAX ES9051 / Bluebird BMS-101DMG
  • Battery: 300mah 1S LiPo
Light: CW20
Standard: CW30
Strong: CW40