Currently, the production is running on max. capacity and we have around 70 planes that are queing and want to be shipped to their new owners.
Despite the massive production work, Laurynas and I found the time to design the new CX5-E which I want to introduce now 😊😊:
The good news is, that you can use your "old" F3K wings as the new fuselage will be adapted to the existing wing saddle. Of course, the F3K wings are totally over dimensioned for F5K as we don’t have the extreme forces like in F3K.
Therefore, the F5K version will get a new, lighter wing between 70-80gr which should result in a possible AUW of min. 220-230gr.
The vertical tail will be removable. The rudder will contain a little ballast chamber at the bottom of the rudder to balance bigger batteries up to 5s.
The rudder and elevator servos will be placed in the aft part of the fuselage around the TE of the wing. Best part is that we managed to implement the current ballast system with a max. ballast weight of additional 80gr in brass. If you use a tungsten stick, the max. additional weight should be around 120gr.
The front of the fuselage is designed to fit motors with a max. diameter of 34mm. That makes it also a candidate for P5B, the Chinese F5K, where they use bigger motors.
Currently, Stream Team is preparing the milling process of the fuselage and VT molds. We are hoping for the prototypes to fly around end of March.
I will certainly keep you updated about the progress and hope, that you like our little journey into the very new F5K class.


Rollo, Laurynas & his Stream Team