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Only 2-4 weeks delivery time.....custom scheme available.

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Inspired by F3K / DLG gliders, our goal was to produce F5J class plane with simillar flying characteristics. Starting alltitude of DLG’s is around 60 meters, which is, in few cases, also starting alltitude of F5J planes. To be able to catch all small thermals, bubbles and slopes on low alltitude.

Maybe the perfect model for UK conditions.... 



  • Thin airfoil for better penetration
  • Wing joiner moved to a center to increasing agility
  • Large tail boom
  • Large control surfaces
  • Mid-wing design
  • Wingspan: 3440mm
  • Wing surface area: 69 dm2
  • Horizontal stab surface area: 7.1 dm2
  • Vertical stab surface area: 4.9 dm2
  • Weight from 1150 grams
  • All parts are made with solid core technology and full CFK in CNC milled aluminum moulds
  • 28 – 32 mm nose radius


Recomended Setup

  • XPower F2919/10 F5J LIGHT
  • 35A ESC
  • 3S 850mAh LiPo
  • 11x6 Prop