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New Era – New Design – Introducing The Amazing All New Colibri DLG



Superfly is extremely proud to be an official dealer for Kralovensky Composites and offer the all new amazing Colibri DLG.


Colibri is the brainchild of Vladimir Kralovensky, spending his childhood as a keen aero modeller, Vladimir progressed to full size gliding at the young age of 15 and is now experienced with thousands of hours collectively in flying and maintenance. With a passion for both design and aviation Vladimir wanted to design a revolutionary glider, the Colibri DLG idea was born.


Years later and now Vladimir is the owner of Kralovensky Composites, they are skilled and experienced in design and build of all things carbon fibre. They are currently working with SGT Electric Formula working with all carbon fibre parts for the racing cars especially the wings, using CFD optimisation, also design for other components such as seats, steering wheel etc.


Using all his skills and experience for pushing boundaries, it has now been possible to make project Colibri a reality, from initial sketches on paper to a revolutionary masterpiece.


The New DLG Colibri is specifically designed for extreme competition performance in F3K class. The uncompromising design of Colibri focuses to maximum aerodynamic performance and push the boundaries to new levels of efficiency.

Colibri CFD & FEM optimized high aspect ratio wing with new advanced ReX-Series aerofoils, ultra-thin low drag fuselage and extreme light weight composite structure define a new revolutionary concept in DLG world.


Colibri Specification:

All Colibri technical specifications will be included in the Flight Manual. The Colibri flight manual is written with aviation standards, included is basic dimensions, polars/graphs, limits, technical and construction description, recommended settings and much more.



Span: 1490mm

Area:16,7 dm2

Aspect ratio (AR): 13,5

Aerofoils: ReX-Series (designed specifically for high aspect ratio wing)


Horizontal Stabilizer:

Span: 300mm

Area: 2,03 dm2

Aspect ratio (AR): 4,43


Vertical Stabilizer:

Span: 230mm

Area: 1,79 dm2

Aspect ratio (AR): 2,96



Fuselage length: 1043mm

Weight (AUW)from: 190g


Protective Wing/Tail Covers
X4 KSTX08 v5 Servo Bundle Deal