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We have been working on the AURORA project for 24 months in which we have seen many developments and performance increases. The X4 was the latest development until now, with so many guises as the AURORA we thought it was time for a name change to represent the latest version as we have changed many parts.


MANTRA has a new improved wing, it is the same planform as AURORA only with a narrower chord, we have modified and thinned the section thus improving launch height, longer float and a much better speed range. The servos are also now in the wing, the servo bays are carbon pre-moulded, as are the slots for the aileron horns. The wing also incorporates a pre-installed tube from the wing servo bay to the top surface making connecting the servo to the aileron horn very easy.  The wing remains as 2 piece with 4 securing wing bolts, the wings fashion a moulded recess to fit the supplied 3 pin spring connector for the wing servos.


The MANTRA has a brand-new fuselage design, offering ballast channel, elevator and rudder servo mounting platform, square sectional rear end so the vertical can be removed and connected without fear of any rotation.  Then it has a new vertical tail with the new connection for easy removal and re-fitting.  The fuselage also features a moulded pocket which aligns with the recess in the wing, this is for the connection of the wing servos with the supplied 3 pin spring connector.


It has been our mission to create a 1.5m DLG model that does not compromise on the quality of materials or performance, but bridges the GAP in the market between cheaper end, under-performance and high end competition models at expensive prices.


We surprised ourselves as with each development came more performance and podium places...we are hopeful that this will continue even further with the new MANTRA!


We are now very proud to present MANTRA.


2 peice wing


Rohacell Wing and tail cores


All carbon with 2.4 friendly glass nosecone