We have been working on the AURORA project for 18 months. 

It has been our mission to create a 1.5m DLG model that does not compromise on the quality of materials or performance, but bridges the GAP in the market between cheaper end, under-performance and high end competition models at expensive prices.

We surprised ourselves as with each development came more performance and podium places...

We are now very proud to present AURORA X4.


2 peice wing

Rohacell Wing and tail cores

All carbon with 2.4 friendly glass nosecone

Complete hardware kit including...Carbon wing joiner, carbon aileron, elevator and rudder horns, tail torsion springs, aileron pushrods, servo tray, pull wires and crimps for rudder and elevator controls and throwing blade.


The performance of the model is amazing, we suprised ourselves with the development models winning podium places, this is really a model for anyone who wants to enter the DLG, F3K arena with a model they can learn to fly and yet be competitive.


Standard layup made from Cw30 Carbon Spread Tow.